About Me

Well, what is there to know about me?  There’s probably not a lot to share here…or at least not a lot that perks any interest.

My wife and I displaying our level of awesomeness.

I’m originally from the itty, bitty town of Rolfe, IA, spent four years of my life in Colorado, and returned to the Hawkeye state in 2003.  Somewhere along the way I was fortunate enough to bump into my beautiful wife and married her in 2008.  We enjoy ourselves a finely cooked meal from our own kitchen with a good bottle of wine from time to time.  We’d like to travel more, work less, and quit paying student loans (or maybe just bills in general).  Since neither of us has had the fortune of winning the lottery yet, those dreams remain on hold.

Showing off my Austin Marathon medal.

In 2011 I discovered this thing called endurance athletics…specifically marathoning.  I rarely write about it.  You probably won’t ever hear me talk about either.  It’s almost like marathoning doesn’t exist in conversations with me.  I never steer conversations toward running.  Rarely talk about the experience at all.  Believe this?

As far as marathoning goes…I race with two very specific strategies/superstitions.  #1 – Racing is a product of training.  If you train well, you race well.  If you train the same all the time…don’t expect your results to change.  To push yourself forward and accomplish things you’ve never done before you have to train like you’ve never trained before.  On the contrary, if you’re unwilling to put the training work in then don’t expect results.  No one shows up on race day completely unprepared and hammers out a great performance.  #2 – Racing is a powder blue experience.  I wear powder blue every race day…because wearing another color just doesn’t make any sense.  There have actually been studies done that conclude wearing a similar outfit on race days enhances speed.  Not because a certain color makes you faster, but rather the comforting feeling of having the same look (the ‘I’ve done this before’ effect) relaxes you and allows for maximum performance from your muscles.

I hope you enjoy this little peak inside my life that I call my blog.  That is if it doesn’t scare you to your very core.  Good luck!


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