Since Fort Dodge, my body seems to want no part of recovery.  I haven’t hurt this bad post-race EVER!  Austin’s hills didn’t beat me down this bad.  Even last year’s Des Moines half off of my foot injury (where my foot went numb) didn’t leave me in this kind of post-race pain.  I feel like a great big knot, and still need some time to mellow out before getting back to the trails.

To kill some time (and honestly keep me from going crazy), I’m going to fill in a survey I’ve found a few other bloggers posting.  It’s like those annoying things we get on Facebook, or used to mass email back in the day.

Best Run Ever
Tough not to go with Fort Dodge 2012; my half-marathon PR that propelled me to my marathon PR.  I ran a really even, end-to-end race at a pace that raised the bar for me.  I had some adrenaline flowing as I crossed the finish line of that race.  It was a tremendous day.

Three Words That Describe My Running
Unlikely.  Slow.  Personal.

I’m seriously one of the most unlikely people to have turned into a marathoner.  The longest I ever ran before starting a marathon training schedule was 1.5 miles.  Seriously, longest run ever…1.5 miles.  The journey still surprises me.

I chose slow because I’m routinely among the last few of my age group at every race.  I do compete in one of the more competitive age groups, but I’m still not the quickest of runners.  Boston will likely never be a race I get to run, I’m just not fast enough.

Lastly, personal.  The entire journey is very personal to me.  I rarely run with anyone.  I don’t stay with groups (pace groups or otherwise) on race day.  It’s my race, it’s my run.

My Go-To Running Outfit
Seriously?  Umm, I think it might have something to do with powder blue.

I Won’t Run Outside When…
Lightning!  I’ll run the snow provided I can get some sort of decent footing.  I’ll run the rain if it’s not completely pouring.  If it’s bitterly cold then I’ll head inside for the treadmill.  But really lightning is the only complete chase off.  Probably had too many close calls with lightning on the golf course and at baseball games when I was younger.  No more.

Worst Injury – And How I Got Over It
Plantar Fasciitis, and I’m not really over it…I deal with it.  My foot is a lot better than when I originally injured it, but it still bothers me frequently.  I’ve recently purchased a night splint to see if that has any effects, but I’m at least to the point where I can live with the odd feeling in my left foot.

I Felt Most Like a Badass Runner When…
I crossed the Fargo Marathon Finish Line.  I finally put together a complete race at the distance I love…then had nothing left for a celebration.  That was what did it for me.  I knew I’d left it all on the race course and it showed in the result.  It was also the first marathon that I finished in the top half of those that started (although I was not in the top half of the finishers due to the DNFs).

Potential Running Goal for 2013
Marathon PR.  It sucks that a thousand miles of running could come down to running 26 good miles at the right time to make the year…but all I want this year is to knock down my marathon PR.  Specifically I want to take it under 4 hours, but anything better than my current 4:13:53 would make my year.

My Next Race is…
the run for the tulips.  The Orange City Tulip Festival 10k in May.  After that it’s back to the site of marathon #1, The Marathon-to-Marathon, for a shot at that PR.


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