Running, Coaching, Fantasy, Chiefs, and Politics.

One thing I’ve never been, is too focused during a blog post. There’s usually enough swerving from topic to topic that my original idea gets lost by the end. Then there’s the occasional post where I don’t even attempt to weave together a main theme…this is one of those. You’ve been warned.

If you haven’t heard, I run.
To get the running update out of the way…I’ve completed the first 14 days of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak. Where the rules are to run a minimum of 1 mile per day, my low day so far has been 3.25 miles. But as the streak continues something predictable is happening…yet I find it odd in a way.

Over the last three or four days, my legs haven’t exactly felt great (14 days of consecutive running has nothing to do with it?). Since my legs have felt heavy, tired, muscles a bit sore, I decided it was a good time to back off just a little and run some easy pace days. Add to that the wind has howled this week and I should be seeing my splits back north of 10 minutes…but they’re going the other way. While I should predictably get faster as I continue to get back off of this summer’s injury, I’m a bit puzzled how my tired legs are carrying me faster. It’s encouraging, but makes me wrinkle my forehead.


I’ve smashed through a barrier into better times, like Gallagher smashes…you get it.

Don’t hate the player coach, hate the game.
Wisconsin head football coach Bret Bielema is headed for a pay raise and warmer climates as he’s reported to be the new head football coach at Arkansas. While there’s a lot of people voicing their opinions over this, I feel the need to offer mine. It upsets me that the “season” for college football coaching changes comes between the end of the regular season and the bowl games. This leads to the situations where coaches are painted as weaselly for taking a different job before their team plays in a bowl game.

To go back to Bielema for a second, there’s nothing wrong with a coach taking a different job and for more money. I know if I’m offered 25% more money (or more) for the same position elsewhere, I’d at least consider it…if not take the new job on the spot. No issues with Bielema, he can’t wait until after the bowl game…the position will be filled by then. So here’s where I think the “game” needs changed. The NCAA needs to institute a rule that new coaches cannot be hired until after last bowl game has been played (or two weeks after to allow candidates to interview). This way a candidate like Bielema can fulfill his obligation to Wisconsin for that season, then move on to, in his view, a better job opportunity. Looking at this season’s BCS Bowl participants…20% will not be coached by the same man at their bowl game as they were all season. That’s a problem.

The only coach to have won the B1G title game is moving on. But has to miss the Rose Bowl to do so.

Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. Are you kiddin’ me?
I have refrained from blogging about my fantasy football team other than a tongue-in-cheek report on draft night. To make this story short, I’m in as the #4 seed in a six-team playoff bracket that begins with tomorrow night’s Broncos-Raiders game to kick off Week 14. I can’t say the team I drafted has held up well, so I’ve had to be savvy on the waiver wire this season (my first playing fantasy football). A very brief look at how my draft has held up…

1st round – LeSean McCoy, injured
2nd round – Rob Gronkowski, injured
3rd round – Darren McFadden, injured
4th round – AJ Green, Healthy and the #1 WR in fantasy (whew!)
5th round – Steve Smith, bust
6th round – Roy Helu, WHO?!? (I actually cut Helu before the season started)
7th round – Philip Rivers, bust
8th round – Jay Cutler, bust
9th round – Brandon Lloyd, bust

Horrid, right? I’ve made a fantasy living out of cleaning up on the waiver wire on a week-by-week basis to scratch into the postseason (and was 14 points from being the #1 seed in the playoffs). So I’m down to Colin Kaepernick, Bryce Brown, and a bunch of other undrafted pieces to try and scratch out a three-game win streak at the right time. I’ll say this much…I’ve had a ball playing fantasy this year!


I’m laughing just looking at the picture.

Let ’em play!
This weekend the Chiefs took the field after the tragedy that took place Friday night/Saturday morning. We all know by now what happened. Here’s what I want to comment on…there were a lot of people (fans, media, NFL players, others) criticizing the NFL for not postponing the game until Monday or Tuesday. I honestly have no feelings either way. The decision needed to be made by the Chiefs staff and players…and it sounds like the NFL worked with them to make the decision to play as scheduled. If the players, who were closely connected to the tragedy, wanted to play…who are any of us to tell them otherwise? They played because it felt normal, they’ve setup a trust for the 3-month old child that was orphaned in the tragedy…the Chiefs had handled this with nothing but class so far. Well done!


I’d hire these two for my team in a second. GM Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel have been all class in Kansas City through a trying season. Proof there’s more to football than just wins and losses.

I’ll just throw my vote away next time.
I logged on to Yahoo today to see the following as the lead headline…


Do our government leaders still not get it? I certainly cannot speak for everyone…but I will speak for myself here. I, an American taxpayer, voter, and lover of all things common sense, beg the President, Congress, and all in elected office…PLEASE, LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER! The Republicans are not evil. The Democrats are not evil. Both parties cannot be 100% right…and also cannot be 100% wrong. But this complete inaction around political differences makes me, an American taxpayer and voter, feel like you just don’t understand. This is something that most of us learn in the early years of school…Kindergarden, 1st grade at the latest. It’s called…how to get along. So quit wasting our money on filibusters and lip service and start taking action. Work WITH each other, not in hatred of each other. And if you can’t do the job…then get the hell out of office and let someone who will.